Family picnic in the 80s

The past

I grew up in a pretty active, outdoorsy family, and as a kid, weekends and school holidays would usually involve some type of outdoor activity. Cricket matches with my cousins and grandparents on dusty bush pitches. Sailboarding at the lake with family friends. Family camping in the backyard or at our family property in the Blue Mountains. Bobbing around Sydney Harbour on Dad’s boat, or being flung around behind it on water skis.  

The one thing all these activities had in common, was there was always a point at which we would all stop moving, roll out a picnic rug or find a nice flattish rock to sit on, take in the view and have a little feast of whatever delicious goodies Mum had bundled together for us. And there was always a big old cooler of icy cold lemon cordial prepared by Dad. As fun as all the action was, my favourite part of the day was always the time to come together and stop and eat and drink all together by the water or under a shady tree.

As I grew older, I found great joy in planning, preparing and sharing food with family and friends – this evolved into my little catering business, Sassy Bites, where I started focussing on bite-sized cocktail and picnic catering for family events.

Family picnic in the 80s

The present

After 40 years of city-living, the pull to move to a quieter, calmer place got stronger. Campervanning holidays around the regional areas of Australia and New Zealand became our holidays of choice whenever we could get away, and in early 2020 our ducks aligned, and we found ourselves with an opportunity to purchase a home in Daylesford.

As we prepared to make a move out of Melbourne in August 2020, I wondered whether there might be a little space in Daylesford for my little catering business. Making the most of our 5km/10km/regional area lockdowns, my dog, Saffy & I started exploring all the little towns, parks & walking tracks that connect Central Victoria & realised pretty quickly that I had moved into the epicentre of a super talented, passionate bunch of small-batch food makers across the Central Victorian district, and some of the most beautiful picnic spots you could imagine. 

So, I had a little idea… instead of finding a local commercial kitchen to continue my catering, I’d bring all these food makers together into a delicious, convenient picnic box for visitors to the Daylesford Sunday Market – one of regional Victoria’s top shopping experiences. Along with mapping out all the picnic areas and facilities within half an hour of Daylesford, to help you make the most of your visit.

Sal and Saff on a the bush walk

I can’t wait to meet you soon at the Daylesford Sunday Market, share some of my favourite local picnic foods & experiences with you, & hear all about your picnicking experiences!

The future

If you have a spare minute, we’d love to hear from you about what we can do to improve Daylesford Picnic Boxes for you. We’d be so grateful if you could drop us a line at or below to tell us what you think of DPB – what you love, what you don’t love, and what you’d love to see from Daylesford Picnic Boxes.

Happy picnicking!

Daylesford Spring blossoms
Daylesford Spring blossoms

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