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At Daylesford Picnic Boxes, we whole-heartedly commit to being considerate of the natural environment, and acknowledge the Dja Dja Wurrung Traditional Owners as custodians of the land we’re so fortunate to live, work and relax on.

In keeping with this commitment, the food items in your picnic box have been selected not only for their locality, superior taste and small-batch quality, but also because of their makers’ shared commitment to making and packaging their products in an environmentally thoughtful way.

Your picnic box and all the food packaging is either recyclable or certified home-compostable, and each box comes with a recycling guide to help you make the best choices when disposing of the packaging.

In an effort to minimise our contribution to landfill, you won’t find any single-use products in your box. Instead, your box contains a picnic ‘keep-kit’ including some useful picnic tools which can be used for many picnic years to come.

Paddock Hill Daylesford

Food, glorious food!

Your box is generously filled with enough picnic food for 2-4 food-loving buddies to share, all made locally by small-batch makers.

The box has been thoughtfully curated to include a selection of picnic food that we genuinely love, and to give you a taste of the abundance of deliciousness created in and around Daylesford. 

Each item has been chosen to complement the others, and included in your box you’ll find a note with some of our favourite pairing suggestions for you to try.

Each box also contains a little description of each item, who their maker is and where you can find them again. 

The items are subject to change at short notice and without warning, but pictured here is indicative of the current and future offerings, including at a minimum:

  • two types of cheeses
  • two types of cured/smoked meat/seafood products
  • two types of savoury relishes
  • one sweet jam / jelly
  • fresh-baked sourdough* and / or gluten free crackers
  • a variety of sweet treats.

The Daylesford Picnic Box also includes a picnic ‘keep-kit’, with everything you need for a picnic, including a neat way to package up your left-overs.

*Sourdough included in weekend boxes only. Crackers are always provided.

A note about food safety: Meat and dairy products should be consumed within two hours of receiving your picnic box, otherwise refrigeration is advised.

Daylesford Picnic Boxes Food
DPB picnic keep-kit

Picnic keep-kit

The Daylesford Picnic Box includes a reusable picnic ‘keep-kit’.

The intention of this is to arm you with all the tools you need to be able to enjoy your picnic right away, and reduce the need for you to add to landfill by replacing single-use items for those you can re-use for future picnicking.

Your keep-kit includes: 

  • a bamboo chopping / serving board
  • a calico cutlery pouch including:
    • a multi-use picnic knife
    • a bamboo cutlery set
    • wooden condiment spoons 
  • two washable picnic napkins 
  • a food-grade BPA-free silicon pouch for your left-overs (and a handy addition to your kitchen!)
  • a calico over-the-shoulder satchel (with long handles for hands-free convenience). 

If you already have a set of picnic tools, there is an option to order a Regional Sampler Food Box which doesn’t include the picnic keep-kit.

DPB picnic keep-kit

Recycling Guide

Your picnic box and all the food packaging is either recyclable in Hepburn Shire or certified home-compostable. Recycling bins (kerbside & soft plastic at your local supermarket) in & around Daylesford have been marked on the DPB Map. Hepburn Shire currently accepts the following plastic for recycling in kerbside and yellow-lid wheelie-bins: 1 PETE, 2 HDPE, 5 PP.

Cheese & meat wrappers – you can place these in soft plastics bins located at the front entrance of your local supermarket in Daylesford, Woodend & Kyneton – all within half an hour drive of Daylesford & marked on the DPB Map. Please give the wrappers a little rinse out to remove residual food before popping them in the dedicated soft plastics bins.      

Glass condiments jars – once you’ve scraped / licked every last morsel of deliciousness out of these, they’re a great size to keep & re-use for spices or other bits & pieces around the house. Otherwise, both the lids & the jars can be placed into any recycle bin in Daylesford or Hepburn Shire marked on the DPB Map (separate the jar from the lid before popping them in the recycling).

Crackers packaging – The box & plastic tray are recyclable so can be placed in any recycle bin in Daylesford & around the Hepburn Shire (you can find recycling bins on the DPB Map). The soft plastic wrapper can be put into REDcycle bins along with your cheese & meat wrappers.

Chocolate & pretzel wrappers – while these look & feel like plastic, they’re actually made from renewable raw material wood pulp & therefore 100% certified home-compostable. Suitable to add to your home compost or local food waste bin to break down over 8-12 weeks. Visit for more info.

Cardboard picnic box – The cardboard box is recyclable, however before you pop it in a recycle bin (marked on the DPB Map) or tear it up for kindling, we encourage you to think of creative ways to re-use it. It’s the perfect size to fill up with local goodies you pick up along your stay.


Your Daylesford Picnic Box unlocks our exclusive and ever-growing DPB map which shows the picnic spots within a half hour drive of Daylesford.

Accessed via a QR code in the box, via the legend, you can select the features that you’d like to see, including:

  • picnic tables and undercover picnic areas
  • playground and BBQs
  • recycling, rubbish bins & doggy bag dispensers
  • public toilets
  • access to walking tracks including the famous Goldfields Track
  • mineral springs pumps
  • nearest parking. 

You can also view all the DBP local faves including some of our favourite picnic spots, and other beaut local places to eat and drink, shop, and buy local produce.

Daylesford country road
Daylesford country road

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