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Picnic boxes

Order a picnic box for delivery to your BnB or pick up from the Daylesford Sunday Market

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Order a picnic box ahead of your next local winery visit

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Pair a picnic box with a painting class, or to enjoy after a wine tour or llama trek

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Ready to pop
the question?

Let us help you with a unique and romantic Daylesford picnic proposal, featuring a gourmet picnic box, and a few special, magical touches

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Photography by Dean Schmideg

What’s in the picnic box?

The Original Daylesford Picnic Box contains:

  • savoury and sweet picnic favourites by small-batch makers in and around Daylesford, designed for 2 (but enough for 4) to share
  • a keep-kit of reusable picnic tools to replace single-use items, including a neat and convenient way to package up your leftovers
  • environmentally considerate food-packaging either home-compostable or recyclable, and a recycling guide to help you make the best recycling choices
  • a QR code to access an interactive map of local picnic spots and facilities to help you plan your visit in and around our beautiful region.

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Amazing! Visiting from Melbourne, it was difficult to plan a proposal while on a weekend away. Sal was incredible bringing my plan to life – providing everything from a hamper full of delicious local produce, to the beautiful picnic pillows and rug. Her attention to detail and fast response times made the entire experience with Daylesford Picnic Boxes an absolute breeze. Can’t recommend Sal enough. Thank you!

JOSH, Jan 2022 - Picnic Proposal

The picnic was amazing! So delicious, so perfect, so thoughtful all the little touches. We loved everything about it! I especially loved the pamphlet (love a good pamphlet!), the beautiful napkins and the brilliant tote with awesome long handles which I will use daily here now.

TAMARA, Dec 2021 - Original Daylesford Picnic Box

Sal, your picnic box is exquisite!!!! Honestly there is so much care in every single aspect, you have thought of absolutely everything and it was like Christmas uncovering everything that was in there! LET ME CONFIRM THAT EVERYTHING IS DELICIOUS. AND as a bonus it speaks to all of my local, sustainable food values, and that’s one of the things I find hard when I’m travelling as it takes a while to uncover who is doing the real deal, but here you are just doing it for me!!! It’s such a perfect offering, such an incredible standard. You are very, very clever indeed.

RACHEL, Dec 2021 - Original Daylesford Picnic Box

Incredible customer service and value for money. Carefully selected and delicious food. The box is incredible, it blew us away. We’re so excited to add cutlery, tote, and napkins to our picnic bag. The box and all that accompanies it was the highlight of the long weekend.

MATT, Nov 2021 - Original Daylesford Picnic Box

What a delicious box of goodies you have made. You made our weekend! Can’t wait to return. x

MELINDA, Nov 2021 - Original Daylesford Picnic Box

The picnic basket. The delicious basket! I didn’t have a set idea of what to expect so I had a moment of “is this the tardis?” Because there was so much in there! The quality of food was amazing, all the components worked well together, and it felt like we had just treated ourselves to the BEST and most intimate foodie escape. The absolute icing on the cake was the sustainable extras, the napkins (crazy cute!) And wooden cutlery! Is was so so so good.

CORY, Oct 2021 - Original Daylesford Picnic Box

Daylesford Picnic Boxes proudly partners with the following, local small-batch artisans. Click here to meet the makers.

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